Ocean Rift Aquatics is proud to sponsor the Canton Regional Saltwater Addicts!  This regional club is a great way to meet new friends that share the same addiction to the saltwater hobby that you do.  Meetings are held monthly and cover a wide range of topics that will help you grow in the saltwater hobby!

Attending meetings, enjoying the forum and Facebook group is free! For a $10 prorated annual membership you can help support the club even more plus enjoy a club benefit package here at Ocean Rift Aquatics!

  • Participate in the club consignment shop where you can sell your quality used equipment at Ocean Rift Aquatics!
  • Save 15% on all Omega Sea salt mixes!
  • Join in group buys throughout the year!
  • Be an active voting member in club elections and constitutional votes!
  • Discounts on Coral Magazine!
  • 15% off coupon live fish or coral purchase with new membership!
  • 10% off coupon for live fish and coral purchase for renewals!

For more information email the club at: