Register here for the 2018 Summer Frag Swap benefitting Wishes Can Happen!

Vendor table sizes and pricing

·         4’ half table no power  $35 (one wrist band)

·         4’ half table with power $50 

·         8’ full table with power $100 

·         Additional 8’ tables $80 

Tables are a standard 8’ folding table. Please plan your displays accordingly if setting up a tank. If you have your own tables you would prefer to use, please let us know and we will plan that out with you.  Table covers will be provided or you are free to use your own. Banners may be able to be hung on walls behind your display depending on hook placements. No metal halide or VHO lighting please.  All vendors required to make a donation to the Raffle Island of $50 value or more. Gift Cards will be raffled at 2pm to allow attendees a chance to shop your booth! The event is being published nationally in Reef Hobbyist Magazine and supported with additional social media bursts by RHM leading up to the swap.

Click the "Donate" button to register! Enter the amount for your respective table and add your seller name to the comments section. We will contact you after registration with more information!

Thank you!